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Holland College

Holland College Canada

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 Founded in 1969, Holland College offers more than 65 full-time career training programs and 70 credentials in a wide variety of areas in 13 campuses and centres. It has over 160 program-specific agreements in place with universities and colleges across Canada, the United States and overseas. The college?s diploma and certificate programs have achieved international recognition for their combination of theory, competency based and hands-on, skills based training. Holland College is a publicly funded post-secondary institution with ISO 9001:2008 certification and its programs are nationally accredited.

The college?s varsity athletics teams, the Hurricanes, are recognized for winning regional and national titles. It also offers club level sports and a variety of recreational and intramural sports to its students and has a wide range of extracurricular activities such as business and special interest clubs and option to participate in student government.

Holland College has campuses and centres across Prince Edward Island. The college?s main campus is the Prince of Wales Campus, located in Charlottetown. The Prince of Wales Campus is home to the Charlottetown Centre, the Centre for Community Engagement, the School of Performing Arts, the Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST), and two apartment-style residences. The Tourism and Culinary Centre, on the Charlottetown waterfront, is home of The Culinary Institute of Canada and programs related to marketing, tourism and travel.

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